Fresh Energy for Utrecht

On Wednesday the 2nd of February Student & Starter launched its election campaign. Online and from our campaign building at Grebbeberglaan 15 we present our plans for Utrecht. The most important issues? An affordable and sustainable home for everyone and investing in the mental health of all Utrechters.

The election campaign is marked by fresh energy. Fresh energy to firmly tackle the housing deficit and provoke a comeback of affordable living. Fresh energy for a sustainable Utrecht, preparing the city for an energy neutral future. And with fresh energy Student & Starter prioritises mental health and seeks to break the taboo around this issue.

The corona crisis hit Utrecht hard. Young people got stuck lonely in their rooms and studios. Citizens saw their source of income vanish and entrepreneurs lost their business. Therefore, Student & Starter is fully committed to house everyone who cannot find an affordable place to live right now. Our vision is clear: be smart about using the rare space, guarantee affordability and embrace sustainability as the new norm.

We do not only provide physical space to growth. It is also something that you can practice as a person or an organisation, by showing ambition, being creative and experimenting. Personal growth therefore is Student & Starter’s main priority.

“The problem many Utrechters are struggling with, do not disappear easily. We need fresh ideas. It requires experimenting and the courage to stand on the forefront as a city. We have to dare to leave old thought patterns behind. It requires, in short, fresh energy for Utrecht.”

Esma Kendir
Party Leader

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