Our ambitions
for Utrecht

Utrecht is a wonderful city to live, work, study or party in. With a fresh perspective, we aim to make our city even better.
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Fresh energy for all of Utrecht

With Student & Starter council members active in the municipality council for eight consecutive years, the party has become proficient in bringing in fresh perspectives to local politics. Our team of young progressive Utrechters is ever vigilant to keep Utrecht on the front-lines of urban innovation and make a difference for all its citizens.

Utrecht was hit hard by the pandemic. Our hearts go out to young people withering in isolation, people losing their source of income, and entrepreneurs forced to close their businesses.

We would see our city bounce back with renewed spirit. Fresh energy to double-down on the housing shortage. Affordable housing should be the normal state of affairs.

Fresh energy for a sustainable city. We will future-proof our beloved Utrecht.
With fresh energy we lift up our fellow Utrechters. Mental health becomes a top priority.

After years of crisis, fresh energy brings our city to life again. To make sure all Utrechters will rediscover and enjoy our arts and heritage, nightlife and events! We envision a sustainable, flourishing, green city full of character.

A city where you will feel at home, regardless of who you are and where you are from.
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Comprehensible services for an accessible city

The municipality tends to communicate in a much too complicated fashion. Student & Starter feels it should become much easier for Utrechters to make arrangements with the municipality.

Utrechters in charge of a data-driven city

Every time after elections, only a small group of citizens continues to share their opinion. Student & Starter would see that all Utrechters get easy access to public discussions, facilitated by budgets, digital participation tools and a greater accessibility of municipality data – with due consideration for privacy.

A living wage for all Utrechters

Twelve percent of children in Utrecht grow up in poverty. Absurd! Student & Starter strives to improve the city’s poverty regulations, because every Utrechter deserves a living wage.

Flourishing in a city of equal opportunities

Student & Starter wants all Utrechter to have equal opportunity to develop and grow, from Vleuten in the west to Utrecht Science Park in the east, from new Utrechters to born Utrechters. We aim to directly support new citizens, to achieve equality in all layers of education, and to encourage all Utrechters towards life-long-learning.

Being you in a safe city

To truly show the world who you are requires a safe environment. Student & Starter envisions diversity to be Utrecht’s greatest strength, a city you can walk safely as you give expression to your identity.

Student sports for the win

Sport should be normalised in public spaces. Utrecht is ready to become an environment for new sports, with high quality rowing waters and affordable access to a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

Going off the beaten track in a lively city

Student & Starter opts for less inhibitions of the city’s liveliness, a freer nightlife to host amazing parties and a significant investment in the arts and culture sector.

Feeling good in a healthy city

Everybody deserves to feel well. Student & Starter wants to put an end to waiting lists in mental healthcare. Sexual health is a huge priority as well.

Smoothly & sustainably from A to B

Our stadsie was made for people, not cars. In the city centre, Student & Starter prioritises cyclists and pedestrians; throughout the city we strive to improve public transport.

Sustainability is the new norm

Utrecht should be on the frontlines of sustainability. Student & Starter wants to cut CO2-emissions and waste production drastically. A sustainable lifestyle should become affordable for everyone.

Public space
A city where the open air calls

Utrecht should become the greenest city of the Netherlands. Green facades, green roofs, you name it! And we go further, experimenting with public space to bring you better places to relax outdoors.

Affordable, sustainable housing for everyone

Over the past eight years Student & Starter has been fighting for more and better housing. Utrecht is overdue to build and use space more intelligently, creatively and sustainably.

#1 Tim Homan Meer ruimte voor het parkeren van fietsen en minder obstakels voor voetgangers & fietsers is van groot belang.

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