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Student & Starter has been part of the city council of Utrecht since 2014. A political party founded by young people with fresh energy for all of Utrecht.
Part of the city council of Utrecht since 2014

Fresh energy for all of Utrecht

Utrecht is a fantastic city to live, to work, to study or to go out. Our goal is to use our fresh perspective to make the city even more beautiful. We do this together with young Utrechters who have an eye for all of Utrecht.

To make Utrecht even more fantastic we are committed to fighting the housing crisis. We want to be number one when it comes to fighting climate change. And we invest in lively meeting places for Utrechters to get together.

We are a city that embraces growth, but also stays cosy and safe. A city that gives everyone the opportunity to utilise their talent and lets creativity run wild. We are a city that offers space to experimentation and entrepreneurship.
An affordable and sustainable home for everyone
Over the coming years, we will have to build a large amount of new homes. All of these homes are affordable and sustainable.
Feeling good in a healthy city
We get rid of taboos against mental health and shorten the waiting lists in mental health care.
Ready for a sustainable future with fresh energy
Energy that isn’t being consumed, doesn’t have to be generated in the first place.
A lively city in which there’s always something to do
A lively and safe city, where you can run a business or relax without worrying about unnecessary regulation.
Curious who we are?

Guts, boldness and ambition

Guts, boldness and ambition. That is what Student & Starter stands for. We like to go beyond the beaten track and claim a place at the table for young people.

With two seats on the city council, we stand for a lively and sustainable Utrecht, in which you can be yourself and where everyone can find a home if they want to.

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Our team

Party leader Esma Kendir

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Councilor Annemarijn Oudejans

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Alderperson Eva Oosters

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Chairperson Ingrid Weerts

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